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Resources 08 - Transitions

Cherry Blossoms
Transitions - Post Secondary

Moving from one phase of your life to another is never easy, especially one as significant as leaving high school and entering post-secondary education. It can be very exciting, and equally scary … that’s normal!


The resource links on this page are designed to present some of the basic differences between high school and university or college, to take away some of the mystery, and help you feel better prepared for this new chapter in your academic career.


For some students with learning disabilities, university or college provides the opportunity to move into an area that represents more of their strengths than their weaknesses, especially weaknesses associated with their learning disability. No more essays … or maybe, no more math for you! But, for the majority of students with learning disabilities, they will continue to need academic accommodations, although the nature of the accommodations will be adjusted to reflect the demands of their program. For these students, a critical part of preparing for post-secondary is having the right documentation.


Currently, students with learning disabilities are required to provide a comprehensive psychoeducational assessment report completed within the last 3 (three) years, stating the nature of the LD and areas of functional limitations as they relate to post-secondary education. Don’t wait until you arrive – be prepared and start planning to have your assessment during your last year of high school. The next step awaits!


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