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Resources 07 - Assistive Technology


iPad Resources for Workshop Participants 2017 (password required)

Assistive Technology Resources - Collected 2018

A wide-ranging collection of resource links about assistive technology features and apps for your devices. Also includes links to Call Scotland (University of Edinburgh) resources (pdf).

Technology Can Help

If you have trouble with... try...

  • Writing  ... voice recognition, word processor, grammar checkers, word prediction

  • Expressive communication ... multi-media presentations

  • Reading ... voice synthesis, multi-media materials

  • Spelling ... spell-checker, thesaurus, voice recognition, grammar checker

  • Doing research and copying ... use electronic reference works and “copy and paste”

  • Processing Information  ... email or other asynchronous forms of communication

  • Organization ... electronic organizers, multiple alarms as reminders

Technology Overview

(A work in progress!)

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