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Writing & Self-Efficacy Webinar with Roselyn Gishen

Thursday, January 11, 2024 at 7pm

Writing is a complex, yet foundational, literacy skill that many elementary students with Learning Disabilities find difficult to master. These students often struggle in all areas of writing including handwriting, sentence structure, spelling and grammar, and organizing ideas. They also experience less interest in, and motivation for, writing. This presentation will:

  • Define writing and self-efficacy

  • Discuss common features of struggling writers

  • Explore key findings from Roselyn's recent research

  • Share strategies that parents and educators can use to support students' writing and self-efficacy

Our Presenter:

Roselyn Gishen sits on the board of the Ontario Council for Exceptional Children and is an MEd candidate at Brock University. She has experience working with students with exceptionalities and has recently conducted research on writing and self-efficacy. Roselyn is passionate about building an education system that is equitable, inclusive, and accepting of all students. 

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