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Webinar: Moments in My Life that Taught Me Not to Give Up! Coming This Fall

Kimberly Agar: Overcoming Obstacles as a Deaf Person who has a Learning Disability and Achieving Success (Parents/Caregivers, Students and Community Members Welcome!)

Join the Learning Disabilities Association of Kingston and Kimberly Agar for this FREE webinar created for parents/caregivers and students with Learning Disabilities, and people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. ASL interpreter provided.

In this session, Kimberly will share her life experiences, personal insight, tips and advice for Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Success through life as a deaf person who has a learning disability. Kimberly has designed the session to assist parents/caregivers and adults who support children with disabilities and people who are Hard of Hearing, and to inspire students themselves.

Kimberly is a very inspirational speaker and advocate, passionate about supporting others (full bio below). Register to join Kimberly and the LDAK on Zoom for her presentation including Q&A and open discussion period (interpreter provided).

What to expect of this webinar:

1. Kimberly’s personal story of facing barriers, overcoming obstacles throughout life, and achieving self-confidence and success as an adult

2. Motivation, insight and advice for students, parents/caregivers and supportive adults

3. The importance of supports, emotional considerations, and discussion of your child’s future later in life

Presenter Bio:

Kimberly is deaf and has a learning disability and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. She has two hearing adult children and uses ASL/PSE. Kimberly is involved with the Deaf community and Deaf culture, takes deaf interpreter courses, and tutors ASL online. She has attended Special Education School and currently works for ProHara to help reduce barriers for people with disabilities. Kimberly is also a volunteer for Silent Voice from home, supporting families who have communication barriers without ASL to communicate with others who cannot hear or speak.


Date: This webinar has been postponed and will be re-scheduled for the fall! Stay tuned for details.

Location: Online via Zoom

Postponed: Eventbrite Registration will re-open in the fall. You may also email the LDAK your interest in attending this event.

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