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OHRC Right to Read Inquiry & Report - Important Information for Parents & Caregivers

The following information is pulled from the Ontario Human Rights Commission website. Full updates from the OHRC

"On February 28, 2022, the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) released its Right to Read inquiry report on human rights issues affecting students with reading disabilities, calling for critical changes to Ontario’s approach to early reading, in areas such as curriculum and instruction, screening, reading interventions, accommodations and professional assessments. The inquiry found that by not using evidence-based approaches to teach students to read, Ontario’s public education system is failing students with reading disabilities such as dyslexia, and other students. Right to Read includes recommendations to the Ministry of Education, school boards and faculties of education on how to address systemic issues that affect the right to learn to read."

For a summary of the Right to Read Report, which affects students with learning disabilities in Ontario schools, access the Executive Summary and Key Recommendations.

Join LDAK and the Ontario Human Rights Commission online on April 23 (10:10 - 11:10 am) for a free session designed for parents/caregivers about the Right to Read inquiry and report!

Information will be shared by Nika Farahani and Reema Khawja, senior counsel on the Right to Read inquiry, to inform parents/caregivers of the main issues and recommended changes. You don't want to miss this session if your child has a learning disability and/or reading difficulties in Ontario! Q&A period will be provided. Registrants across Ontario are welcome to attend.

Register to receive the Zoom link to attend the OHRC session online as part of LDAK's annual forum, Speak Up for Ability.


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