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LDAK Update Spring 2021

The past six months have been a busy time for the LDAK and we are pleased that increasing numbers of community members are visiting our website, reading our communications and participating in our online events. We have experienced a significant increase in uptake of our social media posts and visits to the LDAK website have almost doubled. Our Online Outreach Initiative seems to be making an impact!

So far this year, we have offered two webinars, one on advocacy for families of French Immersion students with learning disabilities and another on strategies for navigating transitions between different levels of the education system. We have also co-sponsored webinars on structured literacy with Lockhart George Literacy. We have increased dissemination of information on, and referrals to, school board policies that affect students with learning disabilities and address the impacts of Covid-19 on the delivery of education. We also have a number of student projects underway including a video series on mental health issues related to Covid-19 and LDs, tip sheets on advocacy strategies for families, and podcasts made by and directed to medical service providers on identifying and addressing learning disabilities in medical practice.

At this time, we are heavily involved in finalizing planning for our Speak Up for Ability Online Forum taking place on April 24. Please check out the programme and register on Eventbrite to join some or all of the day-long event. We have speakers from both public school boards, mental health sessions for parents/caregivers and youth, and a panel discussion. We are also just beginning development of an online structured literacy programme for children and youth that we hope to pilot this summer. Keep an eye on our website and social media for information about this new initiative.

We plan to spend the summer developing programming for the fall, piloting the structured literacy programme and catching our breaths. We wish everyone a warm, healthy, sunny spring. We all need it.

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