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EXTENDED DEADLINE SEPT. 19 - Apply for Structured Literacy Training (Paid Tutor Positions Available)

Structured Literacy is a comprehensive approach to literacy instruction that research has shown to be effective for all students and essential for students with Dyslexia. It is a leading approach of the International Dyslexia Association. Structured Literacy is characterized by the provision of systematic, explicit instruction that integrates listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Kingston is launching a two-fold Structured Literacy training and tutoring program with two primary purposes: 1) to provide one-on-one Structured Literacy tutoring to students with reading difficulties, including dyslexia, and 2) to train Queen’s Faculty of Education Teacher Candidates / graduates and practicing teachers in the fundamental elements of Structured Literacy in order to create a pool of Structured Literacy trained tutors and teachers in the Kingston area. The focus of the Structured Literacy tutoring program will be on students in the Elementary division.


LDAK is inviting qualified teachers and teacher candidates to apply for a Structured Literacy training program. Successful applicants will be invited to complete the Big Dippers online training program (10 hours) beginning in October 2021 (hours can be completed at your own pace by the end of November). Each candidate will work with a Structured Literacy Coach who will help answer questions and provide support as they work through the Big Dippers program. The Big Dippers training will be free of charge, including all required materials, with an expectation that participants who successfully complete the training will be interested in employment as a part-time tutor in the LDAK pilot program.

Applicants who complete the Big Dippers training program will be considered for one of multiple paid tutoring positions (3 hours per week, $25 per hour) in the LDAK Reading Program. This program will be piloted beginning in January 2022 through June 2022. Only those interested in and available for becoming a tutor following the training program are encouraged to apply for this opportunity.

Selected candidates who complete the training but are not offered an upcoming tutoring position will be placed in a pool of tutors to be considered for future opportunities with the LDAK Reading Program. The skills gained during the Structured Literacy training are also highly applicable to teaching opportunities beyond the LDAK program.

Tutoring duties will include:

· Assessing students’ literacy skills prior to and at the end of the program using standardized diagnostic assessments

· Preparation and teaching of lessons according to a Structured Literacy framework

· Collaborating regularly with the team, including tutors, literacy coaches, and parents

· Following all reporting procedures required by the program

· Participation in all training sessions

We are looking for applicants who:

· Have a Bachelor of Education Degree or are a current Bachelor of Education Candidate

· Have an understanding of Structured Literacy, the Science of Reading, or are interested in learning more about instructional approaches that work for students with reading difficulties

· Have experience tutoring or working with students in small groups, including students at-risk for reading disabilities

· Are passionate about literacy education and creating lifelong readers and writers

· Show initiative, excellent organizational and interpersonal skills

· French language skills are an asset (French and English structured literacy programs will be offered)

In addition to the qualifications listed above, please address the following in your cover letter:

1. Are you interested and available to take on one of the paid tutoring positions in the LDAK Reading Program from January – June 2022 (approximately 3 hours per week), should you be offered a position after the training program?

2. Do you expect to reside in Kingston/area for the foreseeable future? Applicants who are available to work in the Kingston community in the coming years are preferred as part of the program and pool of tutors.

To apply for the training and tutoring opportunity, please submit your cover letter and resume to by the extended deadline of Sunday, September 19, 2021 at 11:59 pm ET.

Letters of recommendation are welcome!

The LDAK thanks all applicants for their interest. Those invited to an online interview will receive an email invitation before the end of September 2021.

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