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Covid 19 Update - LDAK Moving to a Virtual Office

Like many community organizations, LDAK’s operations have experienced significant impacts from the Covid 19 pandemic. We have seen a sharp drop in income at the same time that our traditional fundraising and outreach activities are curtailed due to social distancing measures. While we are optimistic that over time funding will improve and restrictions will ease, we have had to make decisions to help our organization survive. Here are some of the impacts:

  • A 100% drop in revenue from charitable gaming which supports day to day outreach operations

  • Severe restrictions on our ability to hold outreach activities such as symposia and participation in conferences

  • Contraction of fund raising opportunities

In response, LDAK has been identifying and implementing various responses:

  • We have closed our physical office and are moving to an online presence which will allow us to maintain contact with and outreach to the community

  • Cancellation of our Reading and Robots Rock summer camps

  • Expansion of our website and social media activities

  • Designing online community activities such as a series of webinars during LD Awareness month in October

  • Increased collaboration with relevant community based organizations.

  • Virtual fundraising activities

Our goal is to not only keep LDAK viable for the unforeseen future but to also ensure our relevance by flowing information about education for students with LDs and how to adapt to changes in the delivery of education. We are improving and expanding our website and would appreciate feedback about what we are doing and what more we could do. We also welcome donations from individuals and organizations. If you would like to contribute, you can donate on our website.

We continue to carry on work for LDAK from home. See our Contact Info for further details on how to reach us by email or by phone.

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