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Community Foundation for Kingston and Area Grant

LDAK is very pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant of $14,350.00 for a one year period beginning January 2023. This new funding supports our core services and activities, and we have a robust program planned for 2023. Thank you once again to CFKA for making it possible for small not-for-profits to serve the Kingston Community.

Our grant is part of a new CFKA funding program that provides core funding to local organizations. This initiative is incredibly important as much of LDAK's funding to date has been tied to the delivery of specific projects like our literacy tutoring program and summer camps. Project based funding is really helpful for undertaking specific initiatives but does little to help with keeping the lights on and the roof watertight (in our case, virtually). This new funding for our core activities will allow LDAK to focus on service provision with confidence that we have the resources we need for the coming year.

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