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Assistive Technology Resources - Assorted Collection

Find helpful information about some assistive technology supports, including a users comments on the pros and cons of each. Some supports are web-browser-based and some are apps for commonly used devices. Download the list for each of the topics here: pdf documents available for download

  • 01-Math Assistive Technology and Resources

Khan Academy, Socratic, Arithmetic Game, Prodigy, Math Playground, Kids Games Learning Math Basics, Math Duel, Equatio, Variety of Math Games for Every Grade

  • 02-Note Taking Software

Notability, Smart Pens, Assorted Voice Recording Apps, Apalon Notepad+, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, SnapType, Jotnot Scanner

  • 03-Reading Assistive Tech List

Select and Speak - text-to-speech , ClaroRead, Ghotit, Photo Text Reader, Read Text of Scanned Documents, TTSReader Pro, Read&Write, Libby app, Speechstream

  • 04-Reading Resources

Assorted useful programs for parents and educators, Bluster App, Grammaropolis YouTube Channel, Scratch Garden Channel, Grammaropolis App, Bob Books #1 - Reading Magic App, Phonics Hero app, Reading Rockets: Target the Problem!, My reading strategies self-assessment checklist

  • 05-Spelling and Fine Motor Related

Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Grammarly, SnapType, Assorted Technologies For Students With Dysgraphia, Read&Write, Smart Pens, Assorted Voice Recording Apps, Notability

  • 06-Writing Organization

EssayJack, Mendeley, Mindomo, ReadWriteThink

  • 07-Writing Resources

Punctuation – End Marks (Grade 3 to 6), Book Creator App, Writing Paragraphs: The Sandwich Method video, Individual Traits Self-Assessment Checklists

Please note that prices and features may have changed after documents on this post were created. Be sure to check out the latest features online.

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