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About the Learning Disabilities Association of Kingston


Our mission is to provide leadership in learning disabilities advocacy, research, education and services, and to advance the full participation of children, youth and adults with learning disabilities in today’s society.

We value promoting positive change through innovation, strategic partnerships, credible advocacy, participating in informing public policy; and educating through quality products and services.


Directors for 2023-2024

President: Helen Simson
Past President: Djenana Jalovcic
Treasurer: Pat Dudley

Members at Large:

Gail Eaton-Smith

Sabine Thungu

Sara Thomas

Alexander Stephen

Tyla Miller

Ian Matheson


Our Organizational Objectives:

  • To raise awareness of learning disabilities and strategies for helping, across the broader community;

  • To assist individuals with Learning Disabilities, and their support network, through education, and advocacy support and training;

  • To facilitate effective programming for individuals with learning disabilities, in areas of unmet community needs.


Standing Committees

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) representatives:

Limestone District School Board:

  • Helen Simson

  • Gail Eaton-Smith (alternate)

Algonquin and Lakeshore District Catholic School Board:

  • tbd

Community Support

Special thanks to our funders and contributors for their support of the LDAK and for making a difference in the lives of adults and children with learning disabilities and their families.

----- Programs & Services -----
  • Community Education Sessions
    LDAK sponsors free education sessions or workshops on topics of interest and relevance to the LD community. Sessions are led by a wide range of individuals, including local professionals, teachers, and members of the Learning Disabilities Association. Past topics have included how to  understand student Individual Education Programs (IEPs), transitioning from one level of school to another, student advocacy, and overviews of different kinds of learning disabilities and attention disorders.


  • Volunteer led LD/ADHD Awareness Sessions
    LDAK offers individual presentations by volunteers from the health care and teaching sectors as part of our mission to increase awareness of issues related to Learning Disabilities and Attention Disorders. The primary focus is on the nature and presentation of LD / ADHD, the impact on individuals and families, as well as available resources. Presentations are open to the public, and may include participation in community resource fairs, school-sponsored open houses, and on-demand LDAK hosted events.


  • Referral / Advocacy Assistance
    For parents of students with LD / ADHD who may need psycho-educational  or other assessments, LDAK provides referral information (local psychologists, available community resources, etc.) and insight into the identification process. If needed, LDAK can also provide Advocacy Assistance on the Identification Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) in direct communication with parents / guardians of the students involved. (See Disclaimer Policy)


  • SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee) Representation
    LDAK is represented on the Limestone District School Board (LDSB) Special Education & Advisory Committee (SEAC) that meets monthly to discuss ongoing concerns, school initiatives, and Ministry updates relating to Special Education for students with disabilities (including LD / ADHD) enrolled in the public school system. SEAC meetings provide an opportunity for representatives of different community organizations to have input in the direction and implementation of our children’s education


  • Annual LD / ADHD Conference Workshop
    Every year LDAK hosts a full-day workshop on a current topic of interest to the LD / ADHD community featuring keynote speakers, topical break-out sessions, and networking opportunities for individuals with LD / ADHD, their families, and various professionals involved in the lives of students and adults with LD / ADHD. The workshop offers important insights into current research in the field, different perspectives from teachers, therapists, healthcare professionals, and inspirational success stories “from the trenches.”


  • Community Partnerships
    LDAK collaborates with various departments and student groups at Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College by hosting and supervising students’ community placements and student run volunteer projects. Student led initiatives include organization of various outreach, awareness raising and information sharing events, fundraising activities and development of resources. LDAK also collaborates with Limestone District School Board and other community organizations through participation in community fairs and organization of joint events.


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