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***** Spring 2015 newsletter pdf icon (published March 24, 2015)

CHECK OUT THE NEW RESOURCES added to the LD@SCHOOL website on Gifted Students with LD, and LD and Mental Health Issues -- links are further down this page!


Tuesday March 31, 2015
Time: 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm EST

Understanding Developmental Dyscalculia – A Math Learning Disability

FREE ONLINE WEBINAR: offered by LDAO, registration required.

Presented by: Dr. Daniel Ansari

Click here to find out more information about this FREE webinar on the LD@school website! (Link opens in a new window.)

Location: Online


Tuesday April 21, 2015
Time: 7 - 8:30 pm


A short Annual Meeting will precede the speaker's presentation.

The Stepping Stones Project: Becoming an Effective Self Advocate and Finding Your Voice through Art.

Angela Moslinger will discuss how junior grade students with learning disabilities explored self advocacy skills as critical stepping stones that ensure equity and inclusion in the classroom.

Everyone welcome.
Speaker: Angela Moslinger, teacher of a Junior Learning Disability Program at the
Free workshop for students, parents & teachers.

Location: Kingston

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Monday May 25, 2015
Time: 7 - 8:30 pm


"Reality Checklist - Life After High  School"

Note: This is a repeat, due to inclement weather, of the workshop offered in January.

So, you've survived high school, and want to go to university or college. What’s in your academic tool kit?
Speaker:  Gail Eaton-Smith,  Learning Disabilities Strategist, Queen’s University
Free workshop for students, parents & teachers.

Location: Kingston

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New! Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities: What Teachers Need to Know

Students who are gifted, and who have LDs, may be “exceptionally” difficult to identify: their LDs may “hide” their giftedness and their giftedness may “hide” their LDs. This means that their needs in both areas may not be addressed appropriately. This summary discusses what educators need to know about students with LDs who are also gifted, and includes strategies that can be implemented in the classroom.
Click here to access this summary on the LD@school website.

New! Learning Disabilities and Mental Health

According to Children’s Mental Health Ontario, 1 in 5 children and youth under the age of 19 in Ontario has a mental health problem, but those with LDs could be at higher risk. Students who have LDs may experience feelings of frustration, shame and perceived stigma, hopelessness, and anxiety about not meeting expectations. They are also at greater risk for bullying and victimization, social isolation and rejection, or for feelings of loneliness.

This summary discusses the impact of LDs on mental health and provides links to useful resources.
Click here to access this summary on the LD@school website.

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